Top RN to BSN Programs in Arizona

Arizona BSN in Nursing School Highlights

Number of Accredited RN to BSN Programs in Arizona Schools with RN-BSN Programs
There are 7 nursing schools in Arizona with CCNE or ACEN accredited RN to BSN / BSN programs.
Average Enrollment of All Colleges in Arizona Average Enrollment
Arizona universities average enrollment is 29,002 students (much larger than the national average).
SWES Arizona City Availability
There are 5 total cities in Arizona with nursing schools offering CCNE or ACEN-accredited Bachelor's in Nursing degrees, with Phoenix having the most options.
There are 7 different accredited RN to BSN nursing programs in Arizona in our database that are accredited by the CCNE or ACEN. This is about average to below average for number of accredited nursing schools per state that have a BSN program. The majority of the universities in Arizona with accredited RN to BSN or BSN programs offer online classes. The online RN to BSN is an excellent fit for nurses that are currently employed as a Registered Nurse. Because of the BSN in 10 initiative set for by the American Nurses Association recommending that all Registered Nurses have a BSN, many RN's that are currently employed elect to enroll in online courses to satisfy the BSN requirements.

Additionally, with Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, and University of Phoenix all offering a multitude of online degrees, there are plenty of options for an Online RN to BSN program at a university that is accredited and has a campus location in the state of Arizona.

State Licensure Reciprocity

The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) allows nurses to have one license for nursing that gives them the ability to practice in the state where they current live as well as other states that are part of the compact agreement. Currently there are 25 states that are a part of the NLC agreement. Arizona is a part of the NLC compact agreement.
Source: National Council of State Boards of Nursing

The Healthcare Industry for Arizona

Arizona is one of America’s proudest states. Residents of this state work hard and enjoy the lifestyle that this area of the United States provides.

For professionals, there is no better place to have a profitable career – especially in the medical field. The beauty of this state is matched by its excellence in education. For those working in the medical field, Arizona is a place to find a fitting career.

The medical field provides career opportunities for millions within the country, making it one of the most popular degree paths to upcoming students. For nurses that are already working in the field, the increase in interest in the field has sparked the need for further education.

The Need for RN-BSN Graduates in Arizona

RN to BSN programs have become a popular choice for individuals in the nursing field. These programs include the advancement of knowledge in the field of nursing as well as continuing experience. Nurses are some of the most important medical professionals throughout the field.

Without nurses, medical facilities would find it difficult to manage the high volume of clients that are seen daily. Nurses are the main source of support for ailing patients in this area. As employers have learned to prefer higher degrees in nursing, professionals have learned that the need for a higher degree is high.

RN to BSN programs provide exactly what nurses need to be the best in their field and find employment availability in many different settings. In order to prove their worth in the medical field, professionals are enrolling in RN to BSN programs throughout the state of Arizona.

Outlook for Arizona Nurses

The outlook for Arizona registered nurses is very good, at least according to ONET and the Bureau of Labor Statistics when compared against the national average. Overall (you can view and compare all data by reviewing our table below), Arizona is expected to add around 2,190 registered nurse jobs by 2022, which is a growth of 26%. The national average job number increase for registered nurses is 19%.

Arizona RN’s salaries are comparable with the rest of the United States, averaging between $51,410 to $94,690, compared to the national average of $45,880 to $98,880. When breaking down average salary for Arizona RN’s compared to the national average, however, Arizona comes out on top in several areas. Entry level RN’s – on average- make $51,410 at the lowest level in Arizona, almost $6,000 more than the national average.

Those with a moderate amount of experience earning at the median level in Arizona also make around $4,000 more than the national average ($70,720 compared to $66,640 national average).

As you may expect, considering the large number of retirement communities, geriatric nurses that specialize with the elderly have a number of different options for employment, especially in the larger cities like Phoenix.

RN Employment Trends - Arizona vs. National Average

Below is how Arizona compares to the national average for Registered Nurse employment. We took the national averages and compared it to the outlook for Arizona All data comes from the BLS and ONET Online.
2012 Actual
2022 Estimated
Growth %
# of Jobs
Arizona RN's48,66061,13026%2,190
National Average2,711,5003,238,40019%105,260


List of RN to BSN Programs in Arizona

Nursing schools with RN-BSN / BSN programs in Arizona
Below you will find a complete list of all RN to BSN programs that are accredited by either the CCNE or the ACEN. Note that at this time we are only including CCNE or ACEN accredited programs, although we do have plans to add RN to BSN programs that may be accredited by another regional or national accrediting body. Our database only contains BSN programs, and it is hand edited and maintained by actual people. Be sure to contact us if we are missing a CCNE or ACEN accredited program.

List of BSN Programs

All Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs

RN to BSN Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Arizona State University
  • RN to BSN
  • RN to BSN - College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Brookline College - Phoenix
  • RN to BSN
Brookline College
  • RN to BSN - Nursing Department
Grand Canyon University
  • RN to BSN - College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Northern Arizona University
  • RN to BSN - School of Nursing
University of Arizona
  • RN to BSN - The College of Nursing
University of Phoenix
  • RN to BSN - Division of Nursing